7 Mistakes of Otherwise Successful Business People – Part Two

This is the second in a series, taken from a presentation I have often been asked to give to business groups, discussing each of seven mistakes I have witnessed and helped clients overcome over the years.

contract imageIn order to make a sale, a business owner usually has to put in an effort to create momentum by building trust with a client, educating the client as to the quality of their product or service and then convincing the client to make a purchase. Typically, the owner then will draft a contract which simply states that the client will purchase the item or service and pay a certain amount. Deal done. Momentum gone.

A good sales contract should help harness that momentum and build on it to the next sale. If the client purchases an HVAC system, the contract should have a simple check list of other items and services. The sale of the HVAC system could then easily lead to the sale of a humidifier, a dehumidifier, a service contract, a supply of filters, etc.

sales graphI recently drafted a contract for an estate sale company. The contract detailed the terms of the estate sale itself. A checklist was then included so that the client could hire the estate sale company to do the following services, among others: Provide a cleaning crew to clean the house after the sale, including a total clean out service if the property will be sold; Shred sensitive documents; Transport items which did not sell either to a local charity for a donation in the client’s name or to trash; and, provide appraisal services for fine art, jewelry, furniture and other items.

The momentum the business owner built should not be lost in the contract. Instead, the contract should take that momentum and use it to lead to extra sales, extra income and a long term relationship. It is far easier to use that momentum to make the second, third and other sales at the outset than it is to go back to the client later and try to re-energize that momentum for another sale. Contact me. Let’s see how I can help you increase your sales and grow your business. Remember: Sooner or later, you’re going to need Tatar!